Top 10 AV Tips for your next meeting

Top 10 AV Tips for getting the most from your meetings:

1) Plan the room. Know the size and dimensions of the room. Plan the location of the screen. Is the screen and presentation the focal point? Many meetings that are full and will be using a single screen should put it in the corner at a 45 degree angle. This provides the best angle for those closest and to the edges. Here are some floor layouts to some of the convention centers you currently use. 
 2) Know how to connect the projector and laptop. Many meetings start late because the event planner couldn’t make the laptop and projector communicate. Here is a link to help you with that
3) Request your audio visual needs in advance. Don’t get there and have forgotten to request equipment. Most Audio Visual companies charge a last minute emergency fee. Here is a link we use to make it easy to request a quote.
4) Determine the brightness of the projector you will need. Most projectors that clients bring a inexpensive and low lumen projectors that are less than 2000 lumens. These work in small rooms where you can draw the shades and lower the lights. In rooms where you want the lights up and /or have no way to draw the window shades closed, then 4000-5000 lumens are needed. In special event and large venue situations you may need 10,000 lumens.
5) Use wireless microphones. Having speakers that move around and engage in exchanging ideas will keep things interesting and fast moving.
6) Speaker lighting. This is probably THE most overlooked area to enhance the speakers visibility and center the attention of the attendees. Simple enough to add spots on the speakers area.
7) Hire an AV tech. When renting electronic equipment for a conference or meeting pay to have a AV tech at least one hour at the beginning to make sure you understand the operation of the equipment and troubleshoot any problems you may have. They also will have back up equipment even for things you may be bringing yourself.
8) Rent AV carts. The are smaller than tables and the power is right on the cart and the cord is tapped down by special gaffers tape. Most hotels do not allow duct tape because of the sticky residue it leaves on the carpet. Also think about extension cords, tripping, and your liability.
9) Schedule breaks often throughout the day for attendees and vendors.
Regular breaks enhance productivity and networking is still listed as the NUMBER ONE reason to attend meetings. Allow time for attendees to choose quiet moments with colleagues, face time with vendors, or to check-in with the office. Breaks help people to think more clearly and to be more productive.
10) Food and Fun. Never underestimate its power!
A quality menu selection enhances the atmosphere as well as sustains the energy level for the work ahead. Offer a unique range to keep everyone satisfied. Ask about the power foods for meetings! Schedule plenty of time for interactive activities that highlight the destination while providing key networking time for your attendees and guests.